Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tweaking not Twittering!

Well ! I have been so busy trying to get the settings and layout right for this infant blog that I have had no time to watch the birds today.

I hope eventually to be able to post regular photos although I am still trying to get to grips with the camera which I bought about twelve months ago. I also bought a long lens for it which I find very heavy so am hoping to get a tripod soon. So for now I have posted a photo of a juvenile Greenfinch which I took in the garden last summer.


  1. Hi again ShySongbird :-)

    LOL… yes you can quite often get caught up in the blog settings and run out of time for the subject your are posting about ;-)

    This weekend I plan to play around with a few changes in mine – its great fun giving it a new look every now and again. A word of warning though – you may find the more you do the more you’ll want to do ;-) It can be quite addictive and hours will pass before you know it! Enjoy your blog I’m sure you’ll have fun with it :-D

    We will look forward to seeing regular photos from you especially when you’ve a long lens now too. Yes, perhaps a tripod would make taking shots easier.

    Great to see another juvenile photo from last year! Puts you in the mood for Spring doesn’t it? I was wondering though – is it perhaps not a siskin? Lovely shot :-D

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-D

  2. Hi Shirl,

    Thanks for your comment, it's so nice to know someone is there.

    I have already found how much time can be lost without realising (especially as I had enormous trouble replying to your comments, due it turned out to my security settings grrrr!!!).

    The photo is definitely a juvenile Greenfinch, we were inundated with them last summer and also juvenile Goldfinches (and lots of proud parents of course), they nearly ate us out of house and home. I was buying a huge sack of sunflower hearts every month.

    I can see why you might consider the photo was a Siskin but we only saw one or two of those fleetingly for a couple of weeks in early March and I had never seen them in our area before.

    Well, I think at one am in the morning and having given myself a stiff neck it is time to put this blog and myself to bed.

    Thanks again for your kind comments and have a lovely weekend.

  3. Having just come across your blog, I must say it is a very nice looking one and very easy to read.

    Blogging does get addictive. I started proper bird counting just before Christmas and am looking forward to seeing the seasons change and reporting it on my blog.

    I think it may be a lady siskin, as the belly colouring is very siskin like. However on looking at photos of juvenile greenfinches, I really don't know.

  4. Hi again JooMoo,

    Thanks for your very kind comments. I have been visiting and enjoying your blog for some time.

    I can see why there has been some confusion over the juvenile Greenfinch but we had huge numbers of them last summer. We only had one or two Siskins passing through during an icy spell in early March which was a huge treat and very unexpected in this area, sadly their visit was all too fleeting.


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