Thursday, 16 April 2009

More from my Perch and Nearby

The weather here today has been really miserable with unrelenting rain all day so I thought I would post some photos taken earlier in the week when, if not always sunny, it was at least dry.


There are always Collared Doves visiting the garden and they and the Wood Pigeons tend to take over the bird table. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that there are a pair of doves who usually fly into our ancient apple tree and wait for the right moment to move onto the bird table.

Then one keeps watch while the other flies onto the roof of the table, where it is eventually joined by its mate.

They then spend some time looking and listening before one carefully manoeuvres itself under the roof and onto the table while the other is still on guard duty. After a while the one on the roof feels confident enough to join its mate.

Eventually they seem to forget about possible predators

and explore the lower tables.

Here are some nice colourful birds to help brighten up a wet day.



A few weeks ago I caught a glimpse of a Wren in the garden, I was thrilled to see it but thought I had no chance of ever getting a photo. However earlier in the week on two different days I was lucky, although I found it difficult to focus properly as I still haven't got a tripod which would probably help to improve all my photos; I really must get one soon.

I am amazed by just how much it blends into the background, the photos below show it scuttling around the trunk of the apple tree hunting for insects and I really think the camouflage is remarkable. I also noticed how it keeps itself at least partly in shade, which of course makes it even less noticeable.

While walking the dog a few days ago I saw this Robin perched high in a tree.

These Celandines were under a hedgerow.

The golden yellow of a Dandelion is to me always a cheerful sight, although I'm not so happy when it appears in my flower beds!

I also saw a colourful tub of rather windswept Daffodils and Tulips.

This pretty border of flowers in front of a cottage.

These in the front garden of another cottage I passed.

Finally I'm not sure what this bird is called which I also saw on my walk.

Well it has got wings!


  1. Hi Shysongbird.....I have an old apple tree to....mine is a Blenheim Orange......what is yours??

    Perhaps when they are in bloom, we could do a post on the same day?? and link to each other......just an idea, please feel free to say no......

    I love the Wren, such a dainty little bird. I have them in the garden all the time but have never been able to get a decent photograph, so well done....

    Love the last photograph and comment.....

  2. Those Collared Doves behave just like the pair of visitors I have, one keeping watch first.
    The Wrens are difficult to see, the way they skulk around like a little mouse, and don't keep still for a moment, so well done for capturing them. Lovely little birds.
    Colourful garden pictures too. There is always so much in flower this time of year.

  3. isit me or do male Greenfinches always look so grumpy!

    nice wren sequence

  4. The Greenfinch blended in so well on the first photo that at first all I noticed was the red flowers!
    Lovely shots of the Collared Doves and nice sequences of the Wren - so difficult to capture in the clear. They are so tiny and look so delicate. I love the way the tail sticks straight up.
    In fact I love all the photos, finches, flowers and your last 'bird'. I think they breed round here as we get lots of them in the Summer.

  5. I'm reading your blog on friday morning. The weather has moved to us now and it has been raining all morning and is set to last all day )-: Well done you for getting some pics. in all this gloom!!

  6. considering the poor weather you got some great spring photos! good weather coming this weekend though hopefully. wren photos are great - this bird is still the loudest in my garden.

  7. Hi again ShySongbird, great posting, loved all your pics :-)

    Like John, the red flowers caught my eye first before I saw the greenfinch which was then a surprise. I also agree with Pete – greenfinches always look grumpy to me too ;-)

    The second photo, the collared dove in the tree did make me smile. We also get a pair coming regularly now too and they are getting more confident with every visit. I loved the whole sequences of the doves and wren. Well done in catching the wren as it is so fast!

    Ah…. the celandines caught my eye on a walk last weekend too. I also love their foliage. Now… I’ve a pic of a dandelion just like yours taken in my garden last night (in the almost and eventually dark) for my GBBD posting. They are such pretty flowers too. I do pull them off them but leave the leaves for our little living lawnmowers! The triplets are a week old now and I caught some lovely pics of them yesterday which I posted – because they are worth it ;-)

    Loved the carpet of flowers in the second last photo… but wait a minute I’ve seen that last bird fly over my garden too!!! LOL… have a great weekend, hope the weather will be kind to you. We have been lucky up here recently :-D

  8. Great posting Shysongbird,

    I loved your Wren photos. I got a tripod as a christmas present, and it has really helped me take better photos and capture better videos.

    The one I use definitely isn't top of the range, and is a smaller and more portable one, probably about a metre high when standing up with its legs out. If your interested, its made by Jessops and the model is the TP320. Its so easy to use, and definitely worth it.

    I loved the Robin shot. We currently have a fledgling Robin in our garden (probably the first fledgling of the year). I reckon our Blue Tit female is currently sitting on eggs, as she is in our nestbox for long periods of time now. I suppose it won't be long until we hear the chicks begging for food when we are out in the garden.

    Great posting, thanks for sharing

  9. Cheryl, thank you for the lovely comments. What a task you unknowingly set me! The apple tree was here when we bought the house and we have never been sure of the variety, a knowledgeable old gentleman once told us it is Laxton's Superb but after doing some research this morning I don't think it can be. Our apples are usually ready for picking in mid-September which doesn't seem to tie in with L S. I am now wondering about Laxton's Fortune.
    I shall investigate further!

    That is a lovely idea about the blossom, but as a far more experienced blogger than me, you will need to tell me how to go about it! You are welcome to email me if you would like to.

  10. Keith, thank you for the very kind comments. I do think Collared doves are fascinating to watch and always good entertainment. You are right about the Wren and your description of scuttling round like a little mouse is spot on. Maybe one day I will improve my focusing but with light conditions and birds moving so fast it's not easy for a beginner!
    I love colour so this time of year it's the more the better for me!

  11. Pete, Thanks for the kind comment.
    I agree 100 per cent, in every Greenfinch photo I have they look cross! I never realised until I started photographing them.
    The way they try to see off the Goldfinches at the feeders makes me think they really are probably as grumpy as they look!

  12. John, thank you for your lovely comments. The Greenfinch did blend in well with the tree, these birds are certainly masters of disguise! I wish I could have taken as clear a photo of the Wren as you did, but maybe one day...! I'll add to that by saying I wish all my photos were as clear as yours.
    Your last comment made me smile.

  13. Warren, thank you for your comments.
    I was glad there were a few days during the week when it was possible to get a few photos.
    It has been raining here again today but is just starting to brighten a little, I think it is supposed to be better over the weekend thankfully!

  14. What beautiful photos of the birds and flowers!! I have never seen some of those birds. Those all colored ones are so neat!! I've only seen a Carolina Wren a few times this past winter. I laughed about your "other" bird. I have a hang glider that goes over quite often in the summer. Someday I'll catch a good shot at him. Seems he's always going behind the trees by the time I see him..LOL

  15. Chris, thanks for visiting again and for your kind comments.
    I am amazed by how loud the Wren is for such a tiny bird, that is one aspect of itself it doesn't hide away!
    The weather is just starting to brighten a little and as you say should improve soon thank goodness.

  16. Shirl, Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes I absolutely agree with Pete and you, they must be one of the most cross looking birds I have ever seen.
    During the icy weather it was not unusual to have Collared Doves visit in double figures some days, they are always fun to watch though.
    I could do with your little live lawnmowers here the rain is making the grass shoot up, ah well that's the one garden job that isn't mine, well apart from the edging and the sweeping that is!!
    That last strange bird seems to get all over the UK!
    We are promised a nice weekend weather wise, hope yours is too and that you have a super one.

  17. Joe, thank you very much for the lovely comments and for the information on tripods, I looked into it a while ago and drew up a short-list which I must look out again. I will certainly take a look at the model you have although I think I may decide to go for one a little taller. Actually that serial number looks familiar, I think I may have seen it recommended elsewhere so I will definitely check it out.
    How lovely to have the fledgling Robin, I do hope there aren't too many cats where you are, I very much fear our beautiful Song Thrush has become a victim of the only cat that visits our garden, I am so sad. I already have two electronic cat deterrents but this one seems undeterred so other than letting the dog eat it (not really, but it is tempting!!) I don't know what I can do.
    I hope everything goes well for your Blue Tits also.

  18. great photos love the wren around the apple tree.One has built a nest in my ivy but whether or not it gets used is another matter.Sheila

  19. some lovely photos there, love the doves. Regards Phil and Mandy

  20. Hi Jan.
    I like you pictures of the Wren, probaby because it is normally difficult enough to see one without trying to photograph it.well done sweetheart.keep them coming

  21. Hi,I do love your pictures and I am learning so much about birds at the same time.
    We don’t seem to get as many different birds as you get, I will have to start looking a bit more.
    Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

  22. Ginny, thank you for your kind comments and for visiting again.
    The Goldfinches and the Chaffinches certainly are colourful little birds and definitely brighten up a dull day, or indeed any day.
    I always think the hang gliders look comical and not very safe either!

  23. Sheila, thank you. I have just been looking at your Wren, you captured it well. Just imagine baby Wrens in the garden, now that would make a picture!

  24. Phil and Mandy, thank you for visiting again and for the lovely comments.

  25. Ken, thank you for your really lovely comments. Yes they are very difficult to see, maybe I will get a really clear photo of one sometime.
    Thanks for all your encouragement, it means a lot to me.

  26. Lou, thank you I love your visits you always brighten my day whatever the weather!
    I do put a lot of different bird food out which attracts a good variety of birds, not too much fun filling the feeders in the rain though!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend too and as always lots of love and XXXX to you and Poppy.

  27. What a great trip around your garden and birds. It always amuses me to see the Collared Doves almost mimicing each other in their movements "synchronised doves"!

    You have a goodly selection of birds and it's lovely to see Wrens - rare visitors for me. They're so quick and, as you say, blend in so well - well done on getting a pic!!

  28. Tricia, thank you very much. I think 'synchronised doves' is a very accurate description, they are very entertaining to watch as are Wood Pigeons too I always think.
    I was really pleased to see the Wren, I suspect they visit our gardens more than we realise as they are so furtive and difficult to spot.

  29. Lovely shots again shysongbird love the little wren only hoping ours are nesting in our garden this year, last years breeding was very successful but hardly seen anything of them so far this year!!

  30. Jayne thank you very much, the Wren is a fascinating little bird and I think makes up for its lack of size with its voice.
    It would be lovely if it is actually nesting in the garden as yours did last year. You must let us know if yours nests again this year.

  31. I love your birds.. they are different than what I have here, but I did see a little wren and we get those.

    Tell hubby .'s not a hummer nest..
    I wish I'd find one , not in use!!
    smiles, Deena

  32. Deena, welcome and thank you for visiting. I'm glad you have the Wren where you live too, it is such a pretty and interesting little bird.
    I know you have so many birds that we don't see here, and many of them so colourful.
    Your mystery photo is fascinating, and I haven't given up yet!!

  33. Deb, welcome and thank you so much for your lovely comment.


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