Sunday, 13 January 2013

Using Up the Leftovers!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that you will all have a wonderful 2013! As Christmas has only just gone I'm sure many of us have been using up the leftovers whether it be chocolates, snacks or pieces of cheese growing smellier by the day but in my case, as well as all of those it is also photos which never quite made it to the blog. Once these have been 'eaten' up the cupboard will be bare and I will be hoping for better things than I found on my latest walk which was just about nothing, even the usual Winter Thrushes were nowhere to be seen or heard and the ones I saw on previous walks were too flighty for photos. Hopefully, this year will be a better one in every way and I will be able to get out with the camera more often and let's hope all of us in the UK will have much better weather this year surely couldn't be any worse...could it? 

You will probably be relieved to know that the butterflies in this post are the last I will inflict on you until the Spring ;-) These lovely little Small Coppers were seen during my visit to Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve in August.

Small Copper Butterfly

 This butterfly,
Seems as if loth to stir,
so lazily
It flutters by.

(Alfred Billings Street)

The next three were also seen at Aston Rowant, it is a great place for butterflies and the only place I managed to photograph a Brimstone this year which shows what a bad year it was, unfortunately though it was in the wrong place so I haven't included the photo here.

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Ringlet Butterfly

Gatekeeper Butterfly

This one was seen more locally.

Green-veined White Butterfly

I had never seen a wild black rabbit before but spotted this large specimen at another Nature reserve in the late Summer.


A little rabbit, basking in the sun.
Dark night has ended, day has just begun.
The blackbird trills his morning song of love,
And green leaves cascade down from clouds above.
All nature's wide awake – and it seems funny to be a gentle, friendly little bunny!

((Sir) Patrick Moore...In Memoriam...1923-2012)

And this juvenile Coot was spotted looking comical as only Coots can at yet another Nature reserve.

Juvenile Coot

I included the next photo just to show that even the humblest fly can look pretty in the right setting.

Lucilia sp.

'This world surely is wide enough 
to hold both thee and me'
(Laurence Stern)

The next two butterflies were found locally, much later in the year.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The next is my favourite butterfly, I love its bold colours.

Red Admiral Butterfly

All of the following photos were also taken later in the year, this little Coal Tit was in my garden, they are regular visitors to the feeders.

Coal Tit

I saw this Blue Tit on a local walk during the Autumn. I thought it was interested in the blackberries but on closer inspection of the photo it seems to have found a dragonfly for its supper!

Blue Tit

This Green Woodpecker was quite a distance away. Most of my bird photos have to be heavily cropped as the 50-250mm lens really can't get close enough but is the only one light enough for me to hold comfortably for any length of time.

Green Woodpecker

I saw this Migrant Hawker on the same walk, the only one I saw last year.

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly

 I will finish as I started with this seasonal little Robin.


Well that's it for now, the cupboard is pretty well bare but hopefully, I will be able to get out with the camera in some decent light soon.

Until next time...enjoy the beauty of Nature, wherever you are.

EDIT: Apologies that for a reason I cannot fathom, when clicked on, only six photos show in Blogger Lightbox. I have tried to correct the problem with no success so far, Hopefully, my next post will be back to normal.


  1. i LIKE leftovers! and you can share all the butterfly images you like. they're refreshing in the winter time!

  2. Best leftovers ever! I love the green veined white.

  3. Lovely post Jan, I love all these 'leftovers' and personally never tire of seeing all of your superb butterfly images. I particularly like the GV White photo and hopefully summer 2013 will be a much better year for these fluttering beauties :-)

  4. Well you've dished up a sumptuous helping of leftovers there Jan, a beautiful set of images to bring us some warmth during this current cold snap.
    We can only hope that 2013 will bring us a long hot Summer and the opportunity to capture some beautiful images...[;o)

  5. Zaczęłaś i zakończyłaś post moich ukochanym ptaszkiem rudzikiem. Motyle teraz z radością oglądałam, a czarny królik mile mnie zaskoczył. Życzę Ci wspaniałej pogody w tym roku, abyś mogła robić śliczne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Started post my beloved bird robins. Butterflies now watched with joy, and the black rabbit mile took me by surprise. I wish you great weather this year, so you can take beautiful pictures. Yours.

  6. TexWisGirl

    Thank you Theresa, so glad you're not bored with all my flutters :-)


    Thank you Wilma, very kind of you :-)

    Wold Ranger

    Thank you David, It's lovely to read that my blogland friends aren't too tired of seeing my leftovers. Hopefully I can get some more up to date photos before too long. Yes, roll on a decent Summer!

  7. I love nature, I'm in love with animals and without a dog can not live I will blog when I can visit the blog and I have noticed saved.

  8. What a cheery post Songbird :-) Lots of colour and light, just whats needed!

    We've got lots of Black Rabbits here, I even saw a smokey coloured one!
    Spring is coming for sure! :-)

  9. Can't beat the beauty of butterflies to brighten up a winters day.
    Lovely selection Jan, especially that Green-veined White.

    I hope we get to see a lot more this year.

  10. ShySongbird ,
    As others have said , just what the Dr. ordered in mid Winter , some sunshine and butterflies , and a most enjoyable read too . It seems an age ago .
    The Gn Woodpecker looks surprised to see a lens aimed at it .
    Thanks again for trying to sort out my Blogger problem , but it looks like a wait for them to sort it .

  11. These photos brought joy to my winter-starved-for-color-eyes and heart! Thanks for sharing your left-overs!

  12. The more butterfly shots the better Jan.

  13. HI Jan...Nice to see your post...
    A dreary foggy day here so your cheery butterflies and flower are nice to the green vein, and the fly on the white flower is nice : )
    Love the feet on the Coot...I wonder if the saying "crazier then a Coot" has anything to do with one LOL!!

  14. Really nice to see these bright little things when the days are so grey at the moment, another lovely post Jan :-)

  15. I love your leftovers. The butterflies are all gorgeous. MY favorite is the Green-veined White butterfly. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and I wish you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!

  16. These are the most delightful leftovers, although I am deeply confused by your reference to leftover chocolate. Sadly our chocolate stores have been replenished many times since Christmas, but they keep mysteriously disappearing.

    What I love about these photos, is that they make us all look forward to the long, summery days ahead. For this will be a great year!

  17. Hi Jan, As a matter of interest black rabbits are quite common in Sussex. I saw my first one about 15years ago. Thanks for the help with my blog but now I am having trouble with my e-mails. It never rains but pours.

  18. The Herald

    Thank you Trevor, I'm glad you liked them. Surely we are owed a decent Summer this year...surely! :-)

    Thank you Giga, I love Robins too.They are such friendly little birds. I was very surprised to see a wild black rabbit for the first time! I do hope we get better weather this year. Sending warm hugs :-)
    Dziękujemy Giga, kocham Robins too.They są takie przyjazne ptaszki. Byłem bardzo zaskoczony, aby zobaczyć dzikie Black Rabbit pierwszy raz! Mam nadzieję, że mamy lepszą pogodę w tym roku. Wysyłanie ciepły przytula :-)

    AGATA G.

    Thank you Agata, I adore dogs, life wouldn't be the same without them!
    Dziękuję Agata, uwielbiam psy, życie nie byłoby takie samo bez nich!

    Warren Baker

    Thank you Warren :-) Spring will be so welcome after the lousy weather we have had for so long...a good sunny Spring that is! I read that black rabbits are quite prevalent in some parts of the country but they don't seem to be here.

  19. Wonderful "left-overs" Jan - such beautiful photos and I can never see enough of your butterflies :) Some lovely poems too :)

    Another great post of yours to cheer up such a cold snowy day!

    Love the black rabbit:) I've never seen one locally. In fact, the only place I have ever seen one was in the Lake District where it seemed to have lots of local "legends" attached to it :)

    So hoping for a better year every way too Jan and I hope things improve for both of us. Certainly hope you can get out more and we have a far better summer and far more butterflies.

  20. Hi Jan,

    Some great photos here, especially some of the butterfly ones and the coal tit photo. Also really interesting to see that you saw a black rabbit. I've never seen one myself and I can imagine they're a very rare sight.

  21. Hello Jan! Your butterfly photos are such a treat...and I agree with the rest about these scrumptious leftovers! I don't think I've seen a black rabbit in real life...great capture! I enjoyed going through your bird shots too.

    I just got back from a short trip and took some nature shots...will be posting one of these days.

  22. holdingmoments

    Thank you Keith, I hope it will be a much better year for butterflies, there were some species I saw very few of.


    Thank you Greenie, It is certainly nice, on a snowy day, to look forward to some warm weather...and lots of butterflies! I hope your computer problems get resolved very soon.


    Thank you Barbara. I think we are all longing for warm, sunny days now. We have snow today, not too bad in my area at the moment though.

    Roy Norris

    Thank you Roy :-)

  23. grammie g

    Thank you Grace, We have snow here today so looking back to the few sunny days we had and forward to the many we hope to have this year is very nice. I'm sure you are right about the saying, Coots certainly act pretty crazy when they keep scrapping with each other :-)

    Alan Pavey

    Thank you Alan, I hate the grey, dark days! I prefer it to be a bit colder and sunnier :-)


    Thank you Eileen, I almost didn't include the Green-veined White but I'm really glad I did as so many people have mentioned it. Wishing you a very Happy New Year too and I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas :-)

    The Gardening Shoe

    Thank you :-) Haha, I still have chocolates waiting to be eaten! I don't have a very 'sweet tooth' and remember some of my Easter eggs used to stay in the cupboard for months or they would be snaffled by my brother who even nowadays would never have leftover chocs in the house. I love your positivity but be aware I will be knocking on your door if your promise of 'a great year' doesn't materialise!!

  24. Always better use the leftovers for the animals than trowing them to the rabish...well done and happy new year!

  25. Mike Attwood

    Thank you Mike, Yes, they do seem to be more common in some parts of the UK, not where I am though. Sorry you have an email problem, if there is anything I can do to help do let me guarantees of course :-)


    Welcome Alex! Thank you very much for visiting and commenting :-)
    Witaj Alex! Dziękuję bardzo za odwiedziny i komentowania :-)

    Ragged Robin

    Thank you Caroline :-) We have had some snow too, not as much as some people though. I hope it isn't too bad where you are. I had never even heard of wild black rabbits before I saw that one but it seems they are fairly common in some parts of the country. Yes, I hope we both have a much better year than last... and much better weather :-)


    Thank you Joe :-) It seems from several comments that black rabbits are not so unusual in some places...but they certainly are where I live!

  26. Hi Jan
    Beautiful set of images of those rare times (warm sunny day's)lets hope this year is better than the last one.
    Happy New Year.

  27. Querida amiga, ha merecido la pena esperar para ver unas fotos tan maravillosas. La primera del pajarito que ha cazado su comida es espectacular. Como siempre te superas a ti misma. Felicidades. Hasta pronto.

  28. News, it has been 2 months since we have seen you, lol. You have a wonderful nature filled with lovely things. Butterflies, Dragonfly and birds, I love them.

  29. I'm sorry your cupboard is bare--I never tire of your butterfly photos! The Red Admiral is indeed a beauty; it's one butterfly that we have had in abundance the last few years. You even make the humble fly look gorgeous!

    I'm taking a blogging break (which I'll explain in a post tomorrow), but I'll try to pop in occasionally for a visit. I hope this year will be filled with lots of beautiful wildlife for you to see and photograph!

  30. OH this makes me yearn for summer but without the Heat! I havent been out roamning for a while, I cant wait till I get some things done so I can have more free time!

  31. You captured a good selection of flutters Jan. I have never seen a Green Woodpecker yet - wrong type of area maybe.

  32. Nature Rambles

    Thank you Kanak. I'm glad you enjoyed my leftovers :-) We have snow here so remembering butterflies is quite uplifting at the moment! I hope you enjoyed your trip and I look forward to reading about it eventually :-)


    Thank you Haritz, I agree, it is good to use up the leftovers :-) We have snow here and the weather has been very dull so it is not easy to take good photographs. I am so looking forward to some warm, sunny weather. I wish you a very happy new year! Saludos :-)


    Thank you Monty, I do hope we have much better weather this year, our wildlife needs it as much as we do...probably more. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    Eva de deuñas

    Gracias Eva, El petirrojo es un pájaro pequeño y encantador, por lo general hay uno en mi jardín. Espero que con el tiempo será capaz de hacer un blog con más regularidad este año. Te deseo un muy feliz año nuevo :-)

  33. Bob Bushell

    Thank you Bob, I have been a very irregular blogger lately....I will try to do better! :-)


    Thank you for your kind words Rose. I am sorry to read you will be taking a break. I will miss you but I think we are all entitled to a blogging break now and again, it is very time consuming!
    Ha! I have just this moment read the reason for your break...a very good reason Rose...have fun:-)


    Thank you Sondra. That is what I long for, a lovely sunny
    Summer but not too hot :-)

    Midmarsh John

    Thank you John, I'm sure you do have GWs in your area, you just haven't spotted them yet. Listen out for their 'yaffle' which sounds like a loud laugh...usually as they fly off after avoiding the camera :-) Also they can be seen on the ground looking for ants where the grass is kept short by rabbits. I hope you see one eventually!

  34. You have brightened my day Jan! What a delightful selection of goodies....certainly no smelly cheese in your selection!
    I am also delighted that you began and ended your post with my favourite garden/woodland bird, a cheeky, chirpy Robin!

    Enjoy all of your nature sights and sounds in 2013 Jan!

  35. Very nice leftovers Jan! Unfortunately my cupboard has been pretty bare for some time now, mainly due to the constant darkness.
    I find my 70-300mm lens very restricting too but like yourself I don't want the hassle of carrying heavier gear around,not to mention the cost.

  36. Interesting post. I really like it.
    Super blog. Yours. ^ ^

    Have a nice day. ;)
    + Welcome to my blog.
    If you want to put it in your followers.


  37. I always see the photos in the enlargement and I was so ready. I see on your blog many beautiful photos are from this post. Not all of your photos are so in the light box.

    Yes, Christmas is far behind the back. I had to work on Christmas but I do not mind. The leftovers are gone and also with photos, I have a folder to rest someday what to post. This you have very nice and beautiful solved :-)
    Beautiful pictures are there, so I again enjoyed.

  38. JRandSue

    Thank you John :-) Happy New Year to you and Sue!


    Thank you Pam :-) I think we all need our days brightening with the weather as it is at the moment! I too love Robins, such friendly little birds and if I don't see much else on a walk there is usually a Robin to charm me. I hope 2013 will be full of wonderful wildlife moments for you too :-)


    Thank you Phil, It certainly has been gloomy lately, at least now it has turned colder we may get more sunshine and hopefully camera opportunities :-) I do wish Canon would make a longer lens which isn't so heavy, I'm sure it must be possible!

    Patrycja Photography

    Welcome! Thank you very much for visiting and commenting.

  39. Helma

    Thank you Helma, If I have understood you correctly you are saying that some of my photos in this post are not enlarging or showing as a slideshow. I have noticed this myself. There only seem to be six photos showing properly. I don't know why it is and haven't found a way to correct it , hopefully the next post will be as it should be.
    What a shame you had to work over Christmas! I hope you were still able to enjoy it and I wish you a very Happy New Year :-)
    Dank je wel Helma, Als ik het goed begrepen heb u zegt dat een aantal van mijn foto's in dit bericht niet worden vergroot of tonen als een diavoorstelling. Ik heb gemerkt dit zelf. Er lijken alleen te zijn zes foto's tonen goed. Ik weet niet waarom het is en hebben geen manier gevonden om het te corrigeren, hopelijk de volgende post zal zijn als het zou moeten zijn.
    Wat jammer dat je moest werken met Kerstmis! Ik hoop dat je nog steeds in staat om ervan te genieten en ik wens u een heel Gelukkig Nieuwjaar :-)

    Julie Hargreaves

    Welcome Julie! Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment :-)

  40. Hello there:) Your butterflies are dreamy:) I miss seeing them in the landscape. I saw one the other day while birding and got very excited. It was tiny and flying around in the cold weather. The most bizarre thing to see. And yet, the little flutter was there:) Look forward to the new year with you. The Coots feet are strange!!! They don't look real.....very cool picture of this bird. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Chris:)

  41. Wonderful photos! Please inflict more butterflies ;)

  42. Hello again, Jan… oh dear you’ve a bare cupboard! I’m taking a guess that not for long. I’d also take an accurate guess that BBC Winterwatch (which I’m sure you enjoyed) will have inspired you to get out with your camera in the snow. Hope you don’t get too much though. I might suggest you get apples out for winter visitors passing your way :-D

    A great post Jan, I do love to see all the butterflies that you see on your walks. The first time I saw your first collection was on holiday in Norfolk. I loved the small copper (had to buy an ID book at the time). I’ve never knew you even got wild Black rabbits – thank-you :-)

    Loved the coot juv but fav of your last selection (I agree close-ups of flies show their beauty) has to go to the blue tit with the brambles (didn’t notice it had anything in its beak). I love the colours of the berries – a really pretty picture for me :-D

    Hoping your expected snow isn’t too disruptive and you enjoy it. Keep warm and safe, wishing you a great weekend :-D

  43. Nice Dragonfly and butterflies on your site, Jan.

    Best regards,

  44. Sorry I haven't commented until now; whenever I look in to read, I seem to get called away and your posts always deserve spending some proper time perusing. But now Christmas seems such a way away but yes I still have some chocolate coins left (from Mother Christmas - as you can see, we still haven't grown up yet!).

    It is a real delight to sit here whilst it is snowing yet again, and enjoy seeing your gorgeous butterfly picures. No, I could never tire of looking at such fabulous creatures. As you say, we, and our wildlife need a MUCH better Spring and Summer this year!!

    We seem to get quite a few black Rabbits at our 'local patch' but I think your photograph shows that their greater visibility makes them stand out more and thus they are an easier target for Mr Fox!

    Here's to much more of the same in 2013, warmest wishes, Jerry

  45. Rohrerbot

    Thank you Chris, Funnily enough I saw a butterfly back in November on a very frosty day, a most unusual sight! Yes, I love those feet and in fact the feet of all the Rail family, they always make me smile :-) Hope you are enjoying your week, we have heavy snow here.


    Thank you Dawn, I'm afraid the butterfly collection is exhausted until the Spring now. The sooner they return the better :-)


    Thank you Shirley, I hope it won't be too long before we see more butterflies, the year started well in 2012 with a Small Tortoiseshell in all went downhill after that though! Yes, I loved Winterwatch, not ventured out in the snow with the camera so far though. The apples have been speared on branches since late Autumn, they are going well in all this snow. It was very disruptive a couple of days ago with gridlock locally and then it snowed all day again yesterday! I hope you don't get it too bad up there. Have a great week, you stay warm and safe too :-)


    Welcome Ad! Thank you very much for visiting and commenting :-)

  46. Wonderful eclectic post!
    How I wish I could see a Coal tit!
    They are so cute but we don't get them here!
    Superb pictures!
    Well done!

  47. Jerry

    Thank you for your generous comment Jerry and please don't worry about when you visit I'm just happy that you do visit :-) and I completely understand about being called away from the computer while trying to comment, it has happened to me many times! The chocolate coins made me smile...I don't think I'll ever grow up Jerry, that would be far too boring :-) I have never seen black Rabbits in my immediate area at all so that was quite a surprise!
    We had more (un-forecast) snow yesterday evening, that's the fourth lot in the space of a week! Stay warm and safe Jerry, all good wishes to you and the family :-)


    Thank you Noushka :-) The Coal Tit is a pretty and busy little bird. It's a shame you don't see it there although I have been surprised by how many of the birds we have in common, I had no idea until I started reading your blog....the Internet is a wonderful educator!

  48. Leftovers can be more tasty than the fresh ones~

  49. Hello! I've just come to you via Ragged Robin. You're photos are fabulous so I'm so pleased to have found you. I realise, having seen your photo, that I've never seen a coot out of the water. Those feet! Lovely butterflies too. Will definitely be adding you to my blog list. Hope the snow isn't too disruptive where you are. Up here on Dartmoor it's pretty bad!

    Best wishes,


  50. Friend of HK

    Thank you very much, they can indeed :-)

    Em Parkinson

    Welcome Em! Thank you so much for visiting, following and for your very kind and generous comments! Coots do have the most comical looking feet, well all the Rail family do of course, they make me smile whenever I see them. The snow has been quite disruptive here. We had gridlock locally one day last week and there is a heavy downfall forecast again for tomorrow! I hope you stay warm and safe, I imagine it might be quite bleak on Dartmoor!
    I do hope you visit again Em and I shall be over to visit your blog very soon :-)

  51. How nice to see butterflies in winter! Thanks for brightening up my day. It's freezing over the big pond in Canada - minus 25 yesterday and minus 21 today!

    I've never seen a green woodpecker or a coot and some of your butterflies too. Love that little robin at the end. Can't wait for winter to be over so we can see them all in person. LOL.

  52. Great post. Nice atmosphere on your blog. I like it here. ;]
    Feel free to visit my blog. New images.
    If you like my picture like me on the fan page:
    I will be extremely grateful.

    Have a nice weekend. Yours. ;)

  53. I love the fly photo. What beautiful colours. A wonderful lot of pictures. I got a chuckle out of the coot, what big feet it has, lol.

  54. Hi Jan, well, I've just got back into blogging and found your blog by a comment you left on one of my last posts! Lovely pictures of birds and butterflies and bugs! (-:

  55. What wonderfull momment visiting your photos. I love specially the buterfly images. Congrats.

  56. Wendy

    Thank you Wendy, We too have had freezing weather and heavy snow but certainly not such severe temperatures as yours! Our snow has gone now and we're back to rain. Let's hope Spring hurries up and brings all those butterfles back to us again soon. Sending warm hugs :-)

    Patrycja Photography

    Thank you for visiting again. Have a great week :-)


    Thank you O C, I thought the fly had beautiful colours which we usually wouldn't even notice. Coot feet always make me smile :-)


    Welcome Jenny! Lovely to see you here :-) Thank you very much for visiting and commenting. I'm so glad you are posting again and will be over to visit your blog very soon.

    Juan Fernando De La Cruz

    Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting, following and for your very kind comments. I shall visit your blog soon.

  57. Just beautiful photos, Shysongbird ~ I have looked at them a few times and truly admire your photography and presentation. I have taken a bit of a blogging break during January for some unknown reason! Hopefully I'll be back at it soon.

  58. Glo

    Thank you for your very kind words Glo :-) I think we all need a blogging break ocassionaly even if it's for no other reason than to....well... have a break! :-)

  59. It's official then! We all love your leftovers Jan, and what wonderful images they are.I would not mind in the least to see more, but will now have to wait until spring.I do hope you have better weather this year Jan. Roll on Spring!!

    Your butterfly photos are wonderful.The 2 Small Copper photos are just lovely. I didn't see a Tortoiseshell all last year,or a Green-veined White which you managed to capture so well. What I have seen a lot of are Brimstones, even saw one this morning, which is quite unusual for this time of the year. We also have black rabbits over here, but sadly they dont last very long, as the resident fox signals them out.

    The blue fly, and Migrant Hawker are especially good captures. It does make a difference when the background is also pretty.Great shots of the Robin Jan, but then all your photos are good:)

    I thoughly enjoyed my visit and will visit again very soon.
    Take care.

  60. Hi Sonjia, Thank you so much for your lovely, very generous comments :-) The Green-veined Whites seemed to do quite well here despite our dreadful Summer. Brimstones though we're very scarce, I saw a few on the wing early in the year but only one in the Summer!

    Yes, I'm sure the black Rabbits are very conspicuous and very attractive to Mr Fox!

    Thank you again for your sweet comments Sonjia, they are much appreciated. I always look forward to your visits :-)

  61. Left-overs! What a great idea for a post. May I suggest it to the overlords at 10,000 Birds as a theme for the beat writers?

  62. Simon Tickle

    Welcome Simon! Thank you very much for visiting and commenting and yes of course you may :-)

  63. Wow! Amazing photos. The photos of butterflies are very nice. I like your work.
    Photography classes San Francisco


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