Sunday, 17 July 2011

An Unexpected Blogging Break!

Most of my blogland friends will know that last year I had to take a blogging break after eye surgery due to the side effects of long term treatment for respiratory problems. Unexpectedly, on Tuesday of last week, probably for the same reason, I suffered a mini stroke (that makes me sound like I'm a hundred and five and I'm not!!), it was very sudden and very brief but extremely frightening as I temporarily lost the right side of my vision. I don't mean I lost the sight in one eye but that it looked like everything had been sliced cleanly down the middle with a knife! None of my other senses were affected and after extensive tests and being given aspirin to take daily to guard against any recurrence (which is only of low risk), apart from feeling exhausted, I am OK, although I do have to have another test eventually. I also have a chest infection (nothing new there!) due to the hay fever season so have reluctantly decided it might be best to take another blogging break. I hope to rejoin you soon and will take a peek at your lovely blogs from time to time but please excuse my not commenting for a while. See you soon.... I will miss you!