Thursday, 12 March 2009

Smiling Skies

I was recently sent this picture entitled (for obvious reasons) Smiling Skies, by a dear friend. She did not take it herself, it had been doing the rounds by email but I thought it was so charming that I would share it on my blog.

It seems Spring is even more shy than this ShySongbird at the moment! Just as we see signs of her peeking round the corner she pops her head back again! It has been really quite cold here for the last few days and a very keen wind also.

This Goldfinch looks quite Spring-like atop the blossom, but that is deceiving as it is in fact perched high in the top of our Winter Flowering Cherry tree (Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea') which flowers gradually from late Autumn through to Spring and always brightens the gloom of Winter for me.

Here is another photo taken by HLH a few days ago whilst walking the dog which shows it is not quite time to wave goodbye to Winter yet.

But look! Spring has crept out again and left this Celandine to whet our appetites.

As I started this post with a sky shot I thought I would end with one. Last night as it was getting dark I noticed how beautiful the Moon looked so decided to try and get some photos. While I was doing so I half expected a witty comment from a neighbour along the lines of "you won't get many bird pictures at this time of night"!


  1. Love the Smiling Sky, makes me smile just looking at it.

    To me the horse looks as though it is saying, "I don't normally wear polka dots but my other coat is in the wash."

    Well done on the Moon shots. I meant to take some a couple of nights ago when the sky was clear and then forgot!

  2. The Smiling Sky made me smile too John as did your comment on the horse photo, very witty.

    Thank you for your comment on the Moon photos, I was lucky to get them as my battery ran out straight after!

  3. I almost feel pity for that poor horse dressed in grandma's apron. What a picture that one is.

  4. Thank you Abe I am honoured to be visited by you as I know you take the most stunningly beautiful photos.

    Yes I wonder if the horse did feel a little foolish wearing that, and then the added indignity of having it's photo taken whilst wearing it!!

  5. great one of the smiling sky,loved the goldfinch and your moon shots are beautiful

  6. Thank you very much Sheila, I had never taken any of the Moon before so it was a bit of an experiment!

  7. Hi shysongbird......the sky made me smile, what a clever photograph......

    Celandine is a beautiful wildflower, she comes and shares and a few weeks down the line she will disappear into the soil until next year.....I believe Wordsworth wrote a poem about her......

    The moon is most magical and you honour her perfectly in your post......

  8. Lovely photos, looks like you stole my Goldie off my tree this time!!!!


    Spring is most definitely around the corner, walking home tonight there were leaves springing open on a few trees - certainly made me feel very happy.

  9. Now then Liz! There is a little too much of this sneaking into each other's gardens and stealing things!!! Perhaps I need a better security system! :-)

    I think after the last two disappointing Summers we will all welcome Spring with open arms.

  10. That's an amazing shot of the "smiley" sky SS - great capture, as are all your other pics.

    I really like the moon's "glow"!

  11. Hi Cheryl,
    Apologies that this reply is out of sequence but the original which I posted had a mistake so I removed it and could not put this one in the same place(hope you can make sense of that!!)

    Thanks for your lovely comments,
    Wordsworth did indeed write of the Celandine. When I see her flowering so early in the year she reminds me that the Buttercup will not be far behind.

    I tried very hard to put a recording of Dvorak's beautiful Song to the Moon from Rusalka on my post to go with the Moon photos but I'm afraid technology defeated me!

  12. Thank you Tricia,
    As soon as I was sent Smiling Skies I thought it was worth sharing.

    I'm glad you liked the Moon 'glow' I am fairly new to photography so it's all a bit hit and miss really.

  13. Beautiful photos. The smiling sky is adorable and that horse photo is fabulous!

  14. Deb,
    Welcome and thank you for your kind comments. HLH (His Loyal Highness aka husband) will be thrilled with your comment on his photo of the horse.

    I do hope you will visit again, I am just off to visit you now!

  15. That has made my Sunday, what beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them!
    Love Lou xxx

  16. Lou,
    Thank you so much, your comments have made MY Sunday!!!

    Lots of XXXX to gorgeous Poppy.

  17. Poppy sends you a big wet kiss back, I had to wipe her mouth first as she has been helping me all day in the veg garden, we have been putting loads of horses poo down.
    Love Lou xxx

  18. Hi Shysongbird, I received that photo of the smiley birds too last week, like you it's a great photo. And as per other comments, I loved the moon shots too

  19. Hi there ShySongbird, that sky shot is excellent and everyone must smile when they see it :-D

    Loved the horse and moon shots too! Have a great week :-D

  20. Thank you Andrew, the friend who sent me that has no idea I have a blog, she often sends 'chain' emails which usually get binned, goodness knows who starts them but little did she know how useful I would find this one.

  21. Thank you Shirl, I'm glad you were able to visit. HLH saw the horse again yesterday without it's coat which shows the days are getting a little more Springlike thank goodness.

    I hope the week is good for you and yours too.

  22. Hello Ginnymo, welcome and thank you for visiting and for your very kind comment.


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