Monday, 23 March 2009

A Song Thrush and a Nature Walk

This lovely Song Thrush has been visiting the garden quite a lot lately and regularly serenades us with its beautiful song. I wondered at first whether it was a Mistle Thrush but on closer examination I could see it didn't have the whitish edges to its wings which the Mistle Thrush has. I do hope it finds a mate and breeds as the Song Thrush is sadly on the red list.

Yesterday we visited The National Herb Centre which is not too far away from us.

We have been several times before but this time we were not there to buy herbs, visit the gift shop or sit in the sunshine outside the Bistro eating their delicious home-made coffee and walnut cake, but to explore their nature walk in the hope of photographing some Long Tailed Tits which are remaining elusive in our garden. There is also the possibility of seeing deer and foxes, sadly the only deer we saw was dead on the road on our way to the centre. In fact our visit was rather disappointingly lacking in wildlife, there wasn't even much birdsong. We did catch a fleeting glance of some LTTs but unfortunately much too fleeting to get a photo, I did manage to snap this Great Tit.

On we walked enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the afternoon sunshine... 'When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host,

of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees, [sorry, no lake!]

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.' (William Wordsworth)

A little further on I spotted a Blue Tit.

This Mallard Duck was some distance away.

We saw some lovely clumps of Violets.

Also beautiful Primroses.

I really liked the shape and texture of these Bullrushes.

And also these Teasels.

After a pleasant, although rather birdless afternoon we found our way back to the gift shop where we bought a few bits and pieces and returned home in time to refill the bird feeders. We will visit again in the Summer when the leaves are on the trees and I am sure there will be more wildlife to see then.


  1. Never mind the birds Jan, I enjoyed your walk. Violets, Daffs & Primroses - what could be better to brighten the day.
    Great to see Song Thrush in your garden. Not visited ours for a long time.

  2. I really like the daffodil photos and the Wordsworth poem. Pretty.

  3. It must be at least a year since I saw a thrush in my garden. Hang on to yours as they do seem to be very scarce these days.
    Loved the daffs and Wordsworth.
    Not much bird song here yesterday amongst the squalls and hail.

  4. Very nice photo's Shy S. Just back from an early stroll along the beck. Curlews bubbling away across the fields, Lapwings doing their dancing flight and finally the regulars along this stretch, a pair of Red Kites I call Bert and Daisy. Will try very hard to remember my camera.

  5. Such pretty birds and I love the daffodils.

  6. Great catch on the mallard, Jan. I've only seen one of each song and mistle thrush in my garden but that's the case with a lot of my birds.

    (2nd great tit is actually a blue tit)

  7. Thank you for all your comments.

    The Early Birder: Thanks Frank, it really does lift my spirits to see Nature's beauty.
    I do hope the Song Thrush stays around, it is lovely to hear its song and such a shame it is on the red list.

    Kelly: Welcome and thank you for visiting, I have always loved Daffodils and that poem.

    Midmarsh John: It is very worrying that what used to be such a commonly seen bird is on the red list. Every time I see it on the ground I worry as only last week a neighbours cat had a Blackbird in my garden.
    I always think Daffodils are such cheerful flowers after the Winter.

    Hogday: Thank you very much. It sounds like a very nice place to walk and you may not have had your camera but you paint a lovely picture of it. I haven't seen any Berts or Daisies in this area they must be an impressive sight.

    Kallen305: Thanks and yes the Daffodils really brightened up the walk.

    Steve: I really wished I'd had my long lens with me for that Mallard.

    Oh clang, clang, clang thanks so much for spotting my stupid mistake! What a basic error, I really shouldn't post so late at night and I definitely should have gone to Spec Savers!!! How many years have I been watching Blue Tits and Great Tits? Duhhh! I have corrected that now.

  8. Lovely walk Jan - there's something about spring flowers that put's a smile on one's face :D

    I very rarely have thrushes in my garden so good to see yours.

    I, too, like the Rushes!

  9. I too enjoyed your walk, some lovely flower photo's, and I like the first Song Thrush pic. As for visiting later in the year.......Remember the leaves will be out!!

  10. Beautiful walk....tku for letting us join you.. I pulled my teasels up last weekend...the goldfinch have cleaned out the seeds, so I am ready for next years show now....

    I to love the song thrush.....we have one here....I hope that she will find a mate

    It is sad that such a beautiful bird is in decline......

  11. That is a great pic of a song thrush. A bird I would love to see in my garden. He looks tall and skinny.

  12. Thank you for all your comments.

    Tricia: Thank you, I do agree it is always lovely to see Spring flowers after the dark days of Winter. I hope the Thrush keeps on visiting, fingers crossed!

    Warren Baker: Thank you Warren for your kind words. I had gone into the garden to photograph some flowers so hadn't got my longer lens when I saw the Thrush so I was lucky to get what I did.
    You are right about the leaves, but never mind it's always worth a visit for the home-made coffee and walnut cake!!

    Cheryl: Thank you, it was lovely to share my walk with you. I'm glad we went when we did as the weather has been cold with a cruel wind since.
    You have me thinking now, maybe I could find room for some Teasels in the garden.
    I agree, it seems unbelievable that the beautiful Song Thrush could be on the red list and apparently the Mistle Thrush is on the amber list, very sad indeed!

    JooMoo: Thank you, I think it was standing particularly upright because it was aware I was there and so was very alert. I hope you see one in your garden soon.

  13. The Song Thrush seems to avoide my garden; he sits down the road singing in the morning, but doesn't venture here unfortunatley.
    I used to see so many when I was kid too.
    Enjoyed your country walk too.

  14. What a lovely Spring outing. I especially loved the pictures of the Thrush and daffs. I have a soft spot for herbs, and probably would have bought out the store, if possible!

  15. holdingmoments, thank you very much for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed the walk!
    It is such a shame that we don't see so many Thrushes now, I think their song is beautiful and so enthusiastic.
    Thank you also for the comment you left on my post 'A Rather Different Black Bird', I have left a reply there.

  16. Morning Glories In Round Rock, thank you for your very kind comments.
    We have visited the Herb Centre several times, it has over 500 varieties of herbs and last year I bought a selection and have them growing in pots outside the kitchen door, it is lovely to cut some to add to the evening meal. After our rather icy winter I feared I might lose some but I'm thrilled they are all showing new growth.

  17. Great photo's Shysongbird, you have captured the song thrush in all his glory, only caught sight of ours once this year and that was after I'd finished digging a foundation for a small edging fence, I'm guessing he was after the disturbed earthworms
    Thank you for sharing

  18. Jayne, thank you for your kind comments. The Song Thrush was very obliging as I'm sure it knew I was there. I just hope it is far less trusting when the neighbour's cat is around!

  19. WOW, you are a clever lady with your camera, what a beautiful picture of the song thrush!
    And I love all your pictures on your nature walk, the picture of the bullrushes look stunning.
    Thank you for your comment, thanks to Poppy my head is getting better.
    Love Lou xxx

  20. Me again, I am so sorry I forgot to say I hope you are ok now after you fall!
    Take care-love Lou xxx

  21. Lou, thank you for both your kind comments, you are very generous. I am still getting used to the camera but it is enjoyable getting to grips with it.
    I'm so glad you are feeling better, that really did sound nasty.
    Thank you I am fine, the leg is patched up and tender but otherwise all ok.
    Lots of love and XXXX to you and lovely Poppy.

  22. Hi there ShySongbird:-)

    Oh my… what a wonderful collection of photos. Firstly, great to see you have the Songbird in your garden ;-) We’ve been enjoying one visit too although I’m not sure I’ve heard it sing as there are so many birds singing at the moment! The chaffinches are being very tuneful :-D

    Now, it’s hard to beat the treasures of a woodland walk and by gosh you’ve captured a few! The daffs were looking great but it is always the tiny woodland plants like the primroses and violets I love to see. Great pics of the birds and rushes too:-D

    Looking forward to following the season through your eyes this year. Have a great week :-D

  23. Hi Shirl,
    Thanks very much for visiting again and for your kind comments.
    The Song Thrush has been singing its heart out again today, I love to hear it and it always makes me smile as there seems to me to be something a little comical in there as well, but maybe that's just me!
    I do love to see Daffodils after the gloom of Winter but agree there is something so special about Primroses, Violets etc.
    I am certainly looking forward to sharing my observations as the year goes on.
    Hope you have a lovely week too.


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