Monday, 4 March 2013

Winter Visitors

With the beautiful, mild and sunny weather we have had today this post feels a little out of date but having already put it together I might as well go ahead regardless. Just a few weeks ago, during the snow, I was pleased to see Fieldfares in the garden which had been attracted by the apples I scattered on the ground and speared onto tree branches. All of the photos were taken through double glazing in the north facing garden in dim conditions so were the best I could manage under the circumstances.


These handsome Winter visitors, members of the thrush family, are always a pleasure to see in the garden and every time we have snow I know they are likely to appear.

They can be very defensive of 'their' food and there is usually one which is dominant and sees off all comers. Other Fieldfares are constantly chased away and other hopeful feeders, even the usually confident Blackbirds, never stand a chance when it is on patrol! There is an awful lot of valuable energy and eating time lost by all involved during this behaviour, such a shame when there is plenty of food, around the garden, for all.

'Look into the garden,
Where the grass was green;
Covered by the snowflakes, 

Not a blade is seen.'


'The fieldfares sit torpid and motionless,
Yet peering round suspicious of deceit.
At our approach they mount, and,
Loudly chattering from on high,
Bid the wild woods of human guile beware.'
(Thomas Gisborne)

Despite their cantankerous behaviour, when defending their food, Fieldfares are gregarious birds which roost in flocks, sometimes on the ground. Gilbert White of 'The Natural History of Selborne' fame said that 'Fieldfares, though they frequently perch during the day, always appear to roost on the ground' However, John Blackwall disproved that assertion, when he noted in 1812, on a visit to Tamworth in Staffordshire, that although 'they regularly assembled in an extensive wood in the neighbourhood, and roosted on the ground, among the withered grass and fern, under the trees and bushes' that a relation of his, 'to whom this species is familiarly known, assures me, that on moon-light nights, he has shot individuals with his air-gun, as they sat at roosts on the naked branches of lofty trees.' :-(  The distasteful mention of shooting was presumably with reference to the fact that Fieldfares were once considered a delicacy at the table :-(  While their breeding grounds are mainly in northeast Europe I was interested to read that up to four or five pairs remain here each year and breed in Scotland. 

'The fieldfare wakes from dreams of love;
Hears the loud north and beating snow,
Regards the drifted brakes below,
Swift to her wing returns her beak.
And shivers as the tempests break.'

 (John Gisborne [younger brother 
of the above Thomas])

I have also seen male and female Bramblings in the garden recently and both male and female Blackcaps but couldn't get any photos. A solitary Redwing (I assume it was the same one each day) also visited regularly but I didn't see it showing any interest in the apples, spending its time instead on the margins of the garden presumably hunting for any worms or insects that might be lurking in the areas of ground which weren't snow covered. I couldn't even get one anywhere near decent photo but when they have visited the garden previously they have always stayed in the trees or bushes eating any leftover berries so I have included this poor record shot anyway.


Another bird which usually visits the garden during severe weather is the dainty Pied Wagtail. It seems to hold its own well against the larger birds even the Blackbirds which, in my experience, seem particularly hostile towards it. This one was particularly enjoying the dried mealworms.

Pied Wagtail 

I have a soft spot for the Collared Dove. They are regular, year round visitors to the garden and always seem to display the gentle qualities which the reputation of doves in general suggests. This one looked like it was wishing there was foliage on the tree to shelter it from the falling snow.

Collared Dove

'The trees and the hedges once clothed in bright green,
No traces bear now of what they have been;
All nature in clothing of snow may be seen,
And yet there is beauty to me.'
(Matilda Mumford)

I will finish as I started with a Fieldfare

Until next time...enjoy the beauty of Nature, wherever you are.


  1. i love those fieldfares! remind me so much of our american robin (also a member of the thrush family). so pretty!

    the pied wagtail always brings a smile to my face, too. so cute!

  2. Hello Songbird,
    Nice garden post :-) The snow always brings something different in to feed.

    Its always difficult photographing in snow, the brightness of the backgrounds fools the camera into thinking that conditions are 'bright' so you get a high shutter speed and thus under exposed photo's :-( Next time you do some snowy back ground shots, try upping the Exposure compensation to +1 or even +2. Of course you probably already know that, so i'll shut up!

  3. A lovely collection of winter birds Jan and beautifully described as always :-)

    Fieldfares are always welcome visitors to the winter garden, despite their somewhat bullish behaviour, and you have managed to get some superb pics of these winter visitors :-)

    Like you I also have a soft spot for Collared Doves, as they always seem such docile and content birds :-)

  4. Wonderful to see a post from you and even better to see your garden Fieldfares! I was the closest to this I have ever been last month as they swooped down to my neighbours tree (probably after seeing the commotion in my garden with birds going everywhere and lots of blackbirds) and that would be the day the table apples were covered in snow and I had non speared on branches! Aw well… it was nice to watch them briefly from my window before they flew off again. It was an extra bonus to be seeing a good sized group of 10-15 instead of the usual lone Fieldfare I had seen before too.

    I agree with Warren about the contrast with the snow. The reflections are another and that’s why I got such a lovely yellow with my visiting Yellowhammer video. I always smile seeing pied wagtails in your garden – I just can’t imagine that here. Lovely post :-D

  5. After two days of sun, it is difficult to believe that the seemingly eternal snow was still falling just over a week ago, so your photos are a timely reminder that it isn't high summer quite yet.

    I really enjoyed learning so much about Fieldfares - what an interesting post. I am not surprised that the Pied Wagtail can hold its own against - it has always struck me as a gutsy little thing.

  6. You have been nice to the Fieldfares and they will honour you by their presents in your garden. And they are beautiful, cheers Jan.

  7. Kwiczoły są śliczne i miło na nie patrzeć nawet na śniegu. U nas tej zimy widziałam je tylko raz, na drzewie i było ich sporo. Pliszki kocham za to, że chwalą sie swoim ogonkiem. Na balkon do mnie przylatuje para ( myślę) sierpówek i lubie na nie patrzeć. Mam nadzieję, że konie zimy poprawia Ci humor. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Fieldfares are beautiful and nice to look at, even in the snow. With us this winter saw them only once, on a tree, and there were a lot. Pliszka love for that boast their tail. On the balcony pair arrives to me (I think) collared doves and I like to look at them. I hope that improves your horses winter mood. Regards warm.

  8. I've had my head buried in my patch preparing it for the spring I haven't seen much so far this year so it's been good to look at other blogs and see what I've been missing. Nic pics. Jan.

  9. Lovely post Jan, those Fieldfares are super, you've done well having Brambling and Blackcap in the garden. All the best Alan, thank you again for your comment about joining the site. :-)

  10. TexWisGirl

    Thank you Theresa, I see what you mean about the likeness to your American Robin and I think I have seen it pointed out before also. The Pied Wagtail is a sweet little bird, always busy :-)

    Warren Baker

    Thanks Warren :-) Yes I did know but always need reminding as I forget about it in my rush to get the photos. I probably should have mentioned they were all taken towards the end of the afternoon too so I had to lighten them a lot afterwards.

    Wold Ranger

    Thank you for your very kind comments David :-) I only wish I could write such descriptively beautiful pieces as you! The Fieldfares certainly are entertaining to watch.


    Thank you Shirley :-) Last year I saw masses of Fieldfares foraging on a field, they were quite a sight to behold. As I said to Warren the photos were particularly difficult because it was late afternoon so I had to lighten them a lot which lost some contrast, I really should remember about exposure compensation. I didn't realise Pied Wagtails would be unusual for you to see although they do usually only appear in the garden during the snow.

    The Gardening Shoe

    Thank you GS :-) It has been beautiful here today but there is rain forecast from Wednesday. The Pied Wagtails need to be gutsy where some of my Blackbirds are concerned!

  11. A great set of photos in spite of the conditions Jan. I only saw one Fieldfare this Winter, We used to have lots of Pied Wagtails but they seem scarce recently.
    The only thing I have against Collared Doves is their oh so monotonous 'song'.

  12. Brilliant Fieldfare images Jan and I really like the Collared Dove shot.

  13. A great wintery post Jan! Those Fieldfares really brighten up this time of year!

    Lovely photos btw

  14. The snow brought the Fieldfares into our garden too. Really nice pictures. From Findlay

  15. Much better Fieldfare pics than I've ever managed Jan. I've never had one in the garden either as far as I can remember.
    Lets hope the snow remains just a memory of this never ending Winter!
    We are (finally) moving to our new house on Thursday and I hope to get back to some slightly more regular posts soon after. Just realised also, that I don't seem to have acknowledged your previous Waxwing post, although my increasingly unreliable memory tells me I did. Anyway, well done and belated congratulations. Look forward as always to your next post.

  16. Lovely shots Jan and as usual interspersed with some beautiful poetry!
    Nice to see the Pied Wagtail, a bird I have never had in the garden.
    That snow seems a long time ago now, but has it gone for good this winter?
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  17. I am so pleased to know you have been experiencing more pleasant weather of late! How kind of you to leave apples and mealworms for your feathered friends during your snowy weather. It is obvious that they appreciated your thoughtfulness. I always enjoy your posts, with lovely photos, and poetry.

  18. Hi Jan,

    Nice post and great to see you've been getting such good views of Fieldfares in your garden. Some really nice photos of them too, especially seeing as they were taken through a window. It's been a couple of years since we've seen one in our garden back home although we've seen them land in nearby trees. Also a nice bit of history about the Fieldfare too.

    Also, "cantankerous" is a great word! Will have to make use of that myself at some point!

  19. Superb set of images Jan I would be happy with any of those,have not managed any Fieldfare shots this year.

  20. Excellent images and words Jan. The snow did bring with it some benefits, it allowed us to get some unusually close views of these beautiful birds, and indeed, some of the other scarce visitors to our gardens. It's good that we can help them out in hard times and be rewarded with some great photo opportunities...[;o)

  21. Lovely Fieldfare images Jan, and verses which I always appreciate.
    Only this week I have seen the Redwing, Pied Wagtail and Blackcap
    in my garden, but the beautiful Fieldfare never visit:( Nice to see them here though, and learn a little more about them through your excellent post:)
    Keep well and warm

  22. Bob Bushell

    Thank you Bob, You are right, I always feel honoured when the lovely Fieldfares visit. It is one good thing about having harsh weather :-)


    Thank you Giga, I have only seen large flocks of Fieldfares while out on walks but the snow usually brings some of them into the garden too. It is nice that you see the Collared Doves on your balcony, I see them in my garden every day and being monogamous they are usually in pairs. We have beautiful sunshine here today which makes everyone feel cheerful I think. I hope you get some good weather soon :-)
    Dziękujemy Giga, Widziałem tylko dużych stad kwiczoły, podczas gdy obecnie na spacery Ale śnieg zazwyczaj przynosi niektóre z nich w ogrodzie też. To jest miłe, że można zobaczyć Collared Gołębie na balkonie, widzę je w moim ogrodzie na co dzień i są monogamiczne są one zazwyczaj w parach. Mamy tu dziś piękne słońce, które sprawia, że ​​każdy czuje się wesoły myślę. Mam nadzieję, że trochę dobrej pogody wkrótce :-)

    Mike Attwood

    Thank you Mike, I'm really excited about your project, I think you are going to see all sorts of goodies there eventually :-)

    Alan Pavey

    Thank you Alan, The snow does seem to bring some nice species into the garden each year and those apples are very good magnets :-)

  23. Midmarsh John

    Thank you John, I didn't see as many Fieldfares on my walks this year as I sometimes do but I did see more of those than Redwings which is usually the case. I must admit I like the sound of the Collared Dove especially on a hot Summer day for some reason :-)

    Roy Norris

    Thank you Roy, I quite liked the dove photo myself :-)

    Jason K

    Thank you Jason, they certainly do, they make the Winter a bit more bearable I think :-)

    Findlay Wilde

    Thank you very much Findlay, I'm glad the Fieldfares visited you too, they are such handsome birds :-)

  24. Hello Jan, despite the double glazing/dim conditions, what a wonderful series you have posted! Fieldfares are new to me. We do get to see wagtails near water bodies in the winter. Your dove reminds me of our spotted doves. They're seen throughout the year in our gardens and backyards.

    I also loved going through the waxwing pictures in your last post. Hope spring comes soon. For us, the heat of summer is already here.


  25. Love these lots Jan,fieldfares look there very best in the snow.
    Superb captures.

  26. Hi Jan...Here I come bringing up the rear...I spent over half my day yesterday trouble shooting the connection (or I should say no connection)from my PC to my Hp (printer) grrr!!
    I never even got a chance to get to blogger, and still have an unresolved issue !! Technology and I just don't mix well! ; )
    I was going to say that you Field fare resembles or juvenile Robin every time I see them posted, but I see Teresa referred to that they are in the
    thrush family !!
    Wonderful photos of it, and I especially like the last one of the Fieldfare!! I just can't imagine the thought of killing them for eating, :( There sure isn't a lot to pick at!!
    Nice shot of the Collard dove, real soft colors!!
    Always enjoy your added verses on your post's!!
    Hope all is well with you : )

  27. Phil

    Thank you Phil :-) Maybe you will get Fieldfares at the new house when it snows, it's definitely the apples that bring them into my garden. I hope all goes well with the move, I'm sure you'll be glad to finally get settled in now, it feels like it's been a long slog...and one I wouldn't have relished at all.


    Thank you John :-) It was nice of you to mention the poetry as I'm never sure if it is to everyone's taste but I suppose you can't please all of the people all of the time, to me though poetry and Nature just seem to go together. As for the snow, I do remember we had heavy snow in the third week of April you never know!


    Thank you Glo, I think the birds eat better than we do ;-) they certainly have a variety of goodies to choose from. The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days but I think we have rain forecast for the rest of the week :-(


    Thank you Joe, I always enjoy researching the different birds and usually manage to find something I didn't know such as that Fieldfares often roost on the ground, I had never realised that before. Yes, cantankerous is a fun word now I come to think about it :-)

  28. Great post as always Jan.
    The Fieldfare is such a beauty, and I was lucky enough to have my own visiting this year during the recent snowy weather.
    And you're right, they seem to spend more time seeing off intruders rather than feeding lol
    Great set of pictures.

  29. Lovely collection of birds and photos, So nice to see a post from you! I agree with Tex, your Fieldfares remind me of the American Robin. And the Wagtail is so cute, one of my favorites from across the big pond. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  30. Hi Jan - what a lovely post with some great photos and words :)

    Loved all the fascinating facts about Fieldfares and I didn't realise a few pairs bred in Scotland.

    We had just the one lone Fieldfare when it was snowy but no Redwings this year :(

    You are so lucky with the Bramblings and Blackcaps. Brambling is one of my "bogey" birds - never ever seen one! No Blackcaps here this winter and I only had one sighting the winter before.

    Loved the Pied Wagtail and Collared Dove photos. Collared Doves have really declined in our garden in recent years. Hardly ever see one. Their disappearance seems to coincide with increasing numbers of Wood and Feral Pigeons visiting - not sure if there is a connection.

  31. Great set of pictures - I miss the arrival of winter thrushes - we dont get them in Australia!

    I took the name of both of my blogs from a comment made by Gilbert White - he was so observant, even if a little incorrect at times!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: feel free to link to WBW

  32. ShySongbird ,
    Finally found time to re-read your post and allow it to sink in .
    As usual , some very pertinent words to go with your very nice garden shots .
    Like Phil though , I vote for no more snow shots too ! Time for butterflies and adders , I hope .

  33. Fantastic Fieldfare shots and I don't think the Redwing was as bad as you made out! Really interesting facts about them too - thank you. Our flocks here are certainly ground feeding at dusk but then appear to fly off into the belt of nearby conifers. Whether they're roosting in them I don't know.

  34. Monts

    Thank you Monty :-) Sorry to read you haven't seen any Fieldfares this time. You have seen some other goodies though such as that Black Redstart!! I've never seen one of those at all!

    The Herald

    Thank you Trevor, Yes the snow usually brings some interesting birds into the garden. I always think that feeding them is the least I can do in return for the enormous amount of pleasure I get in watching them :-)


    Thank you Sonjia, It sounds like we have been seeing similar birds in our gardens recently. Now the snow has gone the Fieldfares don't visit me but just yesterday I was watching a male Blackcap at the sunflower heart feeder. We have had beautiful sunny, quite mild weather for the last two days, unfortunately it is dull today and we have rain forecast for the next few days.

    Nature Rambles

    Hi Kanak, thank you :-) I didn't realise you have Pied Wagtails there but yes, I often see them near water too. I think I remember seeing the Spotted Doves on your blog and I agree, they are quite similar. Summer heat already sounds wonderful although I'm sure it would be much too hot for me there!

  35. JRandSue

    Thank you John :-) The snow does give them a nice background, I just wish there had been some sun. Best wishes to you and Sue.

    grammie g

    Hi Grace, Thank you :-) Sorry you are having tech problems, sorting out these things can be so time consuming! I found Blogger a nightmare when putting this post together, none of the line spacing would go where I wanted, it took ages to get right :-( Yes, even the way your Robin stands is similar to our Fieldfare and Redwing and of course our Blackbird, Song and Mistle Thrush. Thank you too for mentioning the verse, I enjoy trying to find ones that fit.


    Thank you Keith, They really do waste time and energy guarding the food, it's very entertaining to watch though :-) I still haven't got over that enormous amount of Siskins you had in your garden...just amazing!


    Thank you Eileen, I think it may have been you who pointed out the similarity between the Fieldfare and American Robin before. The Pied Wagtails are pretty little things. Hope you are having a lovely week :-)

  36. Ragged Robin

    Hi Caroline, thank you :-) I thought it was interesting about the ones that stay and breed. Apparently, it was thought, until fairly recently, that they would gradually become resident throughout England but they seem to have changed their minds on that. I was able to get quite a lot of photos of Bramblings in the garden two or three years ago but not this year. Once the snow went most of the bad weather visitors went too although as with other years the Blackaps are still visiting the feeders :-) The CDs don't seem too put off by the ever present Woodies or the small army of Ferals here.

    Stewart M

    Thank you Stewart, I suspect you don't miss our wintry weather though ;-) I hadn't realised about your blog titles/Gilbert White connection, that is interesting. Thank you for the kind invite, I will bear that in mind :-)


    Thank you Greenie, I always look forward to your visits :-) No promises on snow shots, I remember heavy snow in late April once! Ah, butterflies and adders, wonderful and the sooner the better. My husband saw a Brimstone yesterday lunchtime :-)

    Em Parkinson

    Thank you Em :-) I suppose your Fieldfares could even be roosting under the conifers. Thank you for the Redwing photo comment too :-)

  37. I've just popped over from Dartmoor Ramblings to enjoy your beautiful photos. We're in Hampshire and have had lots of thrushes and redwings but only one fieldfare. Lovely birds.

  38. Really a very nice series. I think the Fieldfare a beautiful bird but also the redwing. You had also can be recorded. The pied wagtail ahd I have not seen before. Very nice to also agree to admire.
    Very nice series ShySongbird :-)

  39. Another interesting, informative and delightful post from you Jan!

    It does seem a while ago since the snow lay on the ground, unfortunately it may return to parts of the UK next week!
    Your images are a joy to see Jan and the information you add is a pleasure to read. Lucky you with the Bramblings, I missed out on them through the Winter and also nothing since the New Year! Lovely for you to have them as garden visitors!

    Thanks for sharing your 'Winter Visitors' Jan.

  40. Countryside Tales

    Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting and following and for your very kind comment :-) Hampshire is a lovely part of the country. Oddly, I really haven't seen very many Redwings on my walks this time and only had one (that I know of) in the garden.


    Thank you Helma, Yes they are very attractive birds and always a joy to see in the Winter. The Pied Wagtail is an endearing little bird and always seems to be bustling around and busy :-)
    Dank je wel Helma, Ja, ze zijn zeer aantrekkelijk vogels en altijd een genot om te zien in de winter. The Pied Kwikstaart is een vertederend klein vogeltje en altijd lijkt te zijn bruisende rond en drukke :-)


    Thank you for your lovely comments Pam :-) Yes, I heard the weather is supposed to turn very wintry again next week. I really thought we might have turned a corner with the few sunny, milder days this week but as I said in another reply I do remember heavy snow towards the end of April once! I haven't seen very much of the Bramblings this time, other years they have visited the garden every day for several months they are lovely little birds :-)

  41. Hello dear,
    Tienes mucha suerte por disfrutar de una hermosa nevada y de estos preciosos pajaros que amablemente se han dejado fotografiar por ti. He disfrutado con tus fotografias, felicidades. Un abrazo

  42. Your birds are lovely, enhanced by your photography and , of course, all the information about each bird! I laughed when I read about how much energy is wasted when the birds chase each other. I've often thought the same thing.!!

  43. Eva de dueñas

    Thank you for your kind comment Eva :-) The snow does look pretty but it is always nice when it goes and the weather becomes milder. We have wintry weather forecast again for next week and possibly more snow! Sending warm hugs.
    Gracias por su amable comentario Eva. La nieve se ve bonito, pero siempre es agradable cuando se va y el clima se vuelve más suave. Tenemos el pronóstico del tiempo invernal de nuevo para la próxima semana y posiblemente más nieve! Envío de cálidos abrazos :-)


    Thank you for your kind comments Barbara :-) It does seem such a waste of energy to keep dashing around when they could be eating, especially when they need to preserve every bit of energy they can, in icy weather, just to get them through the night!

  44. What super, snowy, pictures. I've got some decent Redwing pics, but Fieldfares have pretty much eluded my lens up to now, so would be very happy with these!

  45. can we not talk about winter!! I want a lovely warm spring! nice pics

  46. Hi Jan... lovely pics of a lovely bird... the Fieldfare is such a handsome bird! And a great post as usual...

    Winter...... as Pete says, could be pretend it doesn't exist. Warm sunshine would be very welcome at the moment.

  47. Jeremy

    Thank you Jeremy. Redwings seem quite thin on the ground (excuse the pun!) here this year. In fact most years I seem to see more Fieldfares than Redwings


    Thank you Pete, all of a sudden Spring seems a long way away again!


    Thank you Tricia, I agree, they are very handsome. We have actually had some sunshine this morning :-) still not very warm though!

  48. The fieldfare is quite a handsome fellow, but I'm especially attracted to the pied wagtail with his dramatic black and white coloring. Neither of these birds are ones I would see here. I haven't had much time for observing the birds lately, but my dog Sophie spends a lot of time watching what I call bird television from our living room window. Hope all is well with you!

  49. Love your fieldfare pictures a lot. It is quite rare here, i have never seen it in iceland.

  50. Jan, this week I've still been getting Fieldfares visit our garden (not to mention yet more snow). They are so very welcome of course but I must confess that I'm so keen now to 'move on' to a few Spring visitors.

  51. Chris

    Thank you Chris. I hope you get to see them eventually, they are very handsome birds.


    Thank you Jerry, this Winter does seem to have gone on for ever! We had more snow yesterday morning but thankfully it's all gone now.

  52. Rose

    So sorry Rose, I thought I had already answered your comment, I should have done so before the previous two replies! Anyway, thank you for visiting :-) The Pied Wagtails are pretty little things and alway very busy and on the go. I'm glad dear Sophie is keeping an eye on the birds for if only she could talk you would find out all the birds which visited while you were busy working ;-)

  53. Very nice series of this winter guest Songbird, here they come massively on visit too.


  54. Hello, I've just come across your lovely post and photographs. There is snow here again today, so this post is very timely. I love to see (and hear) the flocks of fieldfares and (a few)redwings around me; I still haven't seen a brambling. That would be a winter treat.

  55. Magnificas imágenes y muy bien castadas, preciosas aves
    Un gran saludo desde
    Doña Mencia Cordoba

  56. advanduren

    Thank you Ad, I always look forward to seeing Fieldfares in the Winter. So glad you see them there too.


    Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comments Wendy :-) The Redwings always seem to be outnumbered by Fieldfares when I see them on my walks. Bramblings are lovely little birds, be sure to always check out flocks of Chaffinches in the winter as you may well see a Brambling among them. I will be over to visit your blog very soon.

    juani espejo jurado

    ¡Bienvenidos! Muchas gracias por visitar y seguir mi blog y también por sus amables comentarios :-)

  57. I was going to say that these are very handsome birds:) They remind me of our American Robins. It would be fun to watch their behaviors guarding food:) The Pied Wagtail is an interesting bird as well. I'm always surprised at what birds can endure the cold and frozen temps. Hope all is well with you. Chris:)

  58. Hello Jan, it's me again! How are you? I wasn't active on Nature Rambles for such a long time but recipes and food were always on my mind. I'd like to tell you that I've started a food blog this month. It's called Blending Flavours. I'll be happy if you check it out some time.The recipes I'll be sharing will be regional& Indian cuisine with some baking in between.

    Hope Spring comes your way soon!



  59. Just popped by to say Happy Easter Jan. Keep an eye out for those Spring migrants!

  60. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  61. Rohrerbot

    Thank you Chris, A number of your compatriots have said the same thing about the Fieldfare and I can see the similarity, of course they are both members of the thrush family. The birds here have had an awful lot of freezing weather to put up with this year! It is still exceptionally cold :-(

    Kanak Hagjer

    Hi Kanak, thank you for letting me know, I will try to take a look soon. I do hope you will be carrying on with Nature Rambles?


    Thank you very much Jerry. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter and that your cold is improving.

    Kalyan P

    Welcome! Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind words :-)

  62. Truly a great post!
    I envy your Fieldfares, they don't visit my garden, unfortunately!
    Well done, cheers!

  63. Dziękuję za milutkie odwiedziny. Ja już nie mogę się doczekać się wiosny, a u nas znowu spadło dużo śniegu. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Thank you for visiting cute. I already can not wait for the spring, and we have a lot of snow has fallen again. Regards warm.

  64. Thanks for your kind words too, much appreciated!
    Don't worry I have the same problems keeping up with all the blogs so I try to comment on a few different ones every day!!! ;-)
    Cheers and enjoy your evening!!

  65. Wow! You got great images of Fieldfare, Redwing, and Pied Wagtail. I've only had brief visits from the first two this winter (no photos worth seeing),and not seen the latter for a couple of years or more. All gardens are different. Thank you for your kind comments on mine! Am replying to them in more detail on my blog.

  66. Noushka

    Thank you for your kind comments Noushka :-) The only time the Fieldfares visit my garden is when the weather is very harsh...foul weather friends ;-) Blogging does feel like a juggling act sometimes!


    Thank you Giga, I do hope your weather has improved a little by now. It seems ours has just started to, it is sunny and a little milder today :-)
    Dziękujemy Giga, mam nadzieję, że pogoda się poprawiła trochę teraz. Wydaje nasz właśnie rozpoczęły, jest słonecznie i trochę łagodniejszy dziś :-)

    Richard Pegler

    Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting and for your very kind comments. You are very generous but having seen your beautiful photos I wonder why I bother ;-) All three of the birds you mention are very much foul weather friends.
    It sounds like our houses are in very similar settings although where we live, on the outskirts of a small town which has grown larger in recent years, sadly we are no longer as semi rural as we were. Also very sadly, a lot of nearby, lovely old native trees have been felled and of course many birds have consequently lost their habitat.

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